So We… Have Bodies

Join us as we discover our Kibbe body types, what season we are and what sort of dessert we could fill a room with if we could only have one sort of dessert.

So We’re 50

Join us, as we celebrate our 50th episode with talk about all the things that are also turning 50 this year! With everything from Jet Skis to some junctions on the M25 there’s something for everyone! But mostly for John.

So We…Have A New Cat

Join us as we discuss the fact that we have a brand new cat, test our knowledge of all things feline, and attempt to stay focused while battling illness, sleep deprivation, and short attention spans.

So We…’re back

Join us once again as we get things going again! We recap our festive season, complain about taxes, and think about what we want for 2023. Happy New Year!

So We… Watched Persuasion(s)

Join us as we talk about not one, but two adaptations of the same Jane Austen novel: Persuasion! Listen along as we try to remember the lot three ways, complain about quippy dialogue, get confused about when Jane Austen was writing, and about what makes a good period drama.

So We… Went to Porto

Join us as we fire up the microphones again and chat about our holiday, the holidays that we’d like to have, and discover John’s primary motivation in life.

So We… Have Shower Thoughts

Join us as we navigate some of the shallowest thoughts we could find, discuss how old we’re getting, and air our highly controversial opinions on current affairs.

So We… Talk About Gameshows

Join us as we discuss our favourite weird bizarre international gameshows, how much we enjoy geese, and reveal what we really want from a TV game show. And just WHO is the mysterious Batman? Find out in this week’s episode!

So We… Take a Dialect Quiz

Join us as we investigate our speech, and find out where we sound like we’re from, what words have caused us trauma going back to our school days, and what does Sam call a woodlouse? Listen on to find out…