So We… Have Shower Thoughts

Join us as we navigate some of the shallowest thoughts we could find, discuss how old we’re getting, and air our highly controversial opinions on current affairs.

So We… Talk About Gameshows

Join us as we discuss our favourite weird bizarre international gameshows, how much we enjoy geese, and reveal what we really want from a TV game show. And just WHO […]

So We… Take a Dialect Quiz

Join us as we investigate our speech, and find out where we sound like we’re from, what words have caused us trauma going back to our school days, and what […]

So We… Are Beauty and Grace

Join us as we delve into one of the key facets of the world’s most magical and magnificent events, Miss World, and discuss what we’d say to world leaders if […]

So We…Play Mariokart & Talk About Jobs

Welcome the the third wonderful instalment of the So We… Podcast! Join us as we attempt to have a coherent conversation about what we could have been, all while dodging […]

So We… Measure Our Cats’ Psychopathy

Join us as we delve into the wonderful world of science, and take a survey to see what our cats minds are like and whether or not we live with […]

So We… Guess Who

Join us as we sit in bed and try to describe celebrities to one another, discuss basic geometry, and the ins and outs of releasing dolphins born into captivity into […]

So We… Scare You?

Join us as we delve into all things Halloween, discuss why we’re not into it, its historic traditions, and share spooky stories! Try not to get TOO scared….

So We… Have Guilty Pleasures

Join us as we discuss our guilty pleasures, from John’s terrible taste in music to Sam’s not-so-secret love of the Kardashians, and listen as our relationship breaks down over vegan […]

So We… Read Am I The A**hole?

Join us as we delve into the depths of Reddit to discern whether peeing out of the window, drinking on the job, and calling a baby ugly make you the […]