So We… Moved House

Join us as we embark on a second glorious season of chat, talk about houses real and fictional, and muse on the sobriety of our most recent recording sessions.

So We… Have Pet Peeves

Join us as we delve into the shallow, and petty, things that make us angry, irritable, and just plain annoyed!

So We… Lose The Plot

Join us as we try to guess the plots of obscure films, struggle with simple maths, and basic reading comprehension.

So We… Make New Years Resolutions

Join us as we step into 2021, discuss the science of why resolutions don’t work out and why befriending crows is harder than you think!

So We… Talk About Christmas

Join us on a ramble through all things festive! Find out about our Christmases Past, which of us is most likely to embarrass ourselves in a restaurant, and what we […]

So We… Watch TV

Join us as we reminisce about all the TV we’ve been watching while we’ve been stuck indoors, discuss the finer points of Chess, and consider why we watch things that […]

So We… Took IQ Tests

Join us, as we take IQ tests, and discover who is really the more intelligent of us, whatever Albert might say, and regardless of whether or not IQ tests actually […]

So We… Talk About Music

Join us on a journey through our musical tastes, discover our ideas of mood music, find out how indecisive we are about our playlists, and be surprised about Sam’s (almost) […]

So We… Host A Dinner Party

Join us as we host our dream dinner party, inviting the most scintillating and best guests we can think of. Just as long as John doesn’t forget who we’re actually […]

So We…Talk About Weddings

Join us as we showcase our divergent approaches to planning, discuss our mutual love of The Corrs, and discover just how little John has thought about what he wants in […]