So We… Measure Our Cats’ Psychopathy

Join us as we delve into the wonderful world of science, and take a survey to see what our cats minds are like and whether or not we live with […]

So We… Guess Who

Join us as we sit in bed and try to describe celebrities to one another, discuss basic geometry, and the ins and outs of releasing dolphins born into captivity into […]

So We… Scare You?

Join us as we delve into all things Halloween, discuss why we’re not into it, its historic traditions, and share spooky stories! Try not to get TOO scared….

So We… Have Guilty Pleasures

Join us as we discuss our guilty pleasures, from John’s terrible taste in music to Sam’s not-so-secret love of the Kardashians, and listen as our relationship breaks down over vegan […]

So We… Read Am I The A**hole?

Join us as we delve into the depths of Reddit to discern whether peeing out of the window, drinking on the job, and calling a baby ugly make you the […]

So We… Try Foreign Idioms

Join us, as we wander through the weird and wonderful world of Australian and Floridian slang and idioms, butcher the pronunciation and misappropriate them entirely.

So We… Pick Pets

Join us again as we take a quick trip through our top picks for cats and dogs, talk about why we can’t own any of them, and why we refuse […]

So We… Watched The Olympics

Join us as we reminisce about the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, discuss what we did and didn’t enjoy, and wonder why they keep building new stadiums that aren’t in Greece.

So We…Think Of Our Favourite Things

Join us as we release our inner Sister Maria and thing of our favourite things, from the mundane to the inexplicable, and remember (or misremember) our favourite adverts…

So We… Pitch A Movie Idea

Join us as we develop our million dollar movie idea for a horror movie, consider what time of day we’d like to watch scary films, and waste time thinking of […]