So We… Took IQ Tests

Join us, as we take IQ tests, and discover who is really the more intelligent of us, whatever Albert might say, and regardless of whether or not IQ tests actually […]

So We… Talk About Music

Join us on a journey through our musical tastes, discover our ideas of mood music, find out how indecisive we are about our playlists, and be surprised about Sam’s (almost) […]

So We… Host A Dinner Party

Join us as we host our dream dinner party, inviting the most scintillating and best guests we can think of. Just as long as John doesn’t forget who we’re actually […]

So We…Talk About Weddings

Join us as we showcase our divergent approaches to planning, discuss our mutual love of The Corrs, and discover just how little John has thought about what he wants in […]

So We…Talk About Astrology

Join us as we enter the realms of mystery and discuss whether or not celestial bodies affect our lives, whether or not John is a Capricorn or an Aquarius, and […]

So We… Played Video Games

Join us as we take a trip down memory lane to discuss the games that made us who we are today, the games we’re playing today, and why new games […]

So We… Gave Ourselves Superpowers

Join us as we discuss what powers we would have if we were using them for good, or for evil, or just for getting even. Find out the name of Big Ben’s house, and whether or not we actually know anything about superheroes at all….

So We… Talk About Food We Hate

Join us as we revisit menus – but of food we definitely do NOT want – from offal to ice cream splits, and across an array of spirits and shots. […]

So We… Took Personality Tests

Join us as we discuss the outcomes of our highly scientific personality tests, how we’ve changed as people, and continue our ongoing love affair with the Aperol Spritz.