We aim to provide the best service for our customers. All prices are exclusive of parts all work will be discussed and price agreed with clients before completed.

Puncture Repair
* Replace inner tube: check + refit tyre & wheel.
Break Service

* Service & adjust front and rear breaks.

*Replace blocks and cables if necessary.

Gears Service

* Replace gear cables if necessary.

* Adjust and tune gears, lubricate chain.

Tune-Up & Check-Up

* Adjust front and rear breaks.

* Adjust and tune gears, lubricate chain.

* Check wheels: check and inflate tyres.

* Check nuts and bolts, accessories etc.

*Advise on any further work if required.

Standard Service as Tune-Up& Check-Up plus

* Replace break cables if necessary.

* Retrue wheels.

* Replace gear cables if necessary.

* Clean, degrease and lubricate drivechain.


Other Work (min. labour charge: £4)
Headset or bottom bracket service/replacement
Wheel bearing rebuild (per wheel)
Chain and free wheel / cassette replacement.

Crankset chaining replacement

Pedal bearing service (both pedals)
Replace handle bars and / or stem
Labour: Tuition; advice & information
Prices are illustrative only, as for an estimate for your bike. Correct at time of pricing and may be subject to change without notice.